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Elvis Presley had lots of passions in his short life aside from his music. And one of those was simply watching TV. Now it has been revealed how many television sets The King had at home in Memphis, Tennessee. According to the official Elvis Instagram account, he had an impressive 14 at Graceland.

The Elvis account wrote: “Did you know that Elvis was a huge TV junkie and actually had 14 TV screens set up all around the Graceland mansion?

⁣”He loved to watch football and prime-time favourites like Laugh-In, The Untouchables, The Tonight Show and The Match Game.”

When fans visit Graceland they can see the famous TV room.

Inside the black and yellow decorated room are three television sets mounted into the wall next to each other.

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Meanwhile, the King had at least two TVs in his bedroom upstairs at Graceland.

In another interview, Billy and his wife revealed they were even embedded in the ceiling.

He said: “Later he also had TVs put in the ceiling so if you [lay down and looked up on the bed] you could see TV [and] you’d never have to sit up.”

His wife added: “And he also had a TV at the end of the bed.”

Sadly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Graceland has had to shut down.

As it stands, the home of Elvis intends to reopen on April 4, although an extended closure period seems likely.

In the meantime, Graceland are lighting up the front of the house in red, white and blue – the colours of the American flag.

Fans can view a live cam of the patriotic symbol on the official Graceland website.

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