Published On: Thu, Apr 2nd, 2020

Elvis Presley: How The Beatles star Paul McCartney gave the King TIPS when they met | Music | Entertainment

Recalling something he said to the King upon that first — and only — meeting, Lennon added: “Because we were both Peter Sellers fans, I remember saying to him, ‘Zis is ze way it should be. Ze small homey gathering wiz a few friends and a leetle music!’”

The Beatle said he knew his bandmates McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison were all feeling as nervous as he was when they arrived at Graceland and were greeted by their idol.

“He was a legend in his own lifetime, and it’s never easy meeting a legend in his own lifetime,” he explained. “However, Elvis tried to make us feel at home.”

According to the Imagine hitmaker, the room remained silence when the group had got settled, with Presley eventually breaking the ice by joking: “Look, guys, if you’re just going to sit there an stare at me, I’m going to bed.”

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