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Elvis Presley had one daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, with his ex Priscilla. However one man, known as Elvis Presley Jr, has claimed to be the son of The King, and even taken on his name. Fans have wondered how Elvis Jr has been able to take on this name, and whether he truly is the music legend’s son.

There have been a number of unproven claims from people who have suggested they are illegitimate children of Elvis, however, Lisa Marie is the only child named in Elvis’ will after his death.

One such claim comes from Elvis Presley Jr, a performer from the USA, who has claimed he is the son of Elvis and uses that name in his performance.

However, other than his claim, there is no DNA test result to show if he is the half-brother of Lisa Marie, who remains the only official child of Elvis.

On Elvis Presley Jr’s website, it is claimed: “He [Elvis Presley Jr] is the son of the late Elvis Presley born out-of-wedlock, unbeknownst to Elvis, on December 24, 1961 in Gary, Indiana the result of a liaison between Elvis Presley and Angelique Delores Pettyjohn, a young actress who was an extra in the film Blue Hawaii…

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“Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, feared that a marriage to Angelique, as well as his impending fatherhood, would seriously damage the King’s reputation thereby destroying his wealth and fame.

“Great pressure was exerted upon the actress to have an abortion.

“While Angelique was unwilling to abort the baby, she did agree to deliver the baby in secret thereby saving Elvis the shame and publicity of a Hollywood scandal.”

The singer, originally named Phillip Stanic, claims he was adopted by a circus family, as Colonel Tom Parker had also been, and began performing as a clown from as young as five-years-old.

Elvis Presley Jr’s biography on his website continues: “After sufficient documents, sworn testimonies, and additional evidence presented by independent third parties were presented to a judge and after proof having been made to the satisfaction of the Court ‘that notice of hearing thereon was given in the manner and form required by law and no objections having been filed by any person, Phillip Stanic by the decision of the U.S. Federal Court’, was recognized as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.”

Details of the evidence which is claimed to have been presented are not clear, however, Presley Jr has used the name since 1985 and has been a singer and Elvis impersonator ever since.

This is how Elvis Presley Jr has been able to use such a name – as he was granted permission by the court to do so.

He has performed and recorded songs by Elvis for many years and has also done interviews and spoken about what he claims to be his parentage.

Other than Lisa Marie her mother, Priscilla, had a son named Navarone Garibaldi, who was born on March 1, 1987 to her and her then-partner, Marco Garibaldi.

The couple was together from 1984 to 2006, meaning they lived together for 22 years.

Sometimes he is confused for Elvis’ son, however as mentioned, there has not been any fully proven instances of Elvis having any other children than Lisa Marie, and Navarone was born to Priscilla and her partner Marco.

Lisa Marie went on to have four children – Riley, Benjamin, Harper and Finley – though Benjamin sadly died in early July 2020.

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