Energy bills: Half a million UK households to see bills rise next week | Personal Finance | Finance

“Don’t let yourself slip unwittingly into a price hike. You can compare what energy deals are out there and see if there is a cheaper plan you can move to.”

As millions of Brits adapt to working from home, Worcester Bosch has shared its top tips on how to keep energy bills down in the midst of the uncertain times.

TIP 1: Identify the rooms that you work in – and operate them efficiently

Switching the lights off in rooms that aren’t used can save you £14 a year

Turn radiators completely off in unused rooms

TIP 2: Take control of your heating

Turning down your room thermostat by just one degree could save you £80 over the year

21°C is comfortable when you’re at home during the day, with 17°C the recommended temperature for some good, much-needed sleep. A balance for working from home should be considered.

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