England hero Jason Robinson opens up on mental health battle – ‘There is somebody to help’ | Rugby | Sport

‘I saw you stood on the top of the world,’ he said. ‘But as I watched, slowly everything began to crumble beneath your feet.’

He was so right. I was a troubled soul.

Inga had no interest in the material things that I was surrounding myself with. He was a Christian and his faith gave him a peace and contentedness I didn’t have. I realised I wanted – and needed – some of what Inga had.

With the help of a teammate and a faith I was able to turn myself around.

The fact is we all have problems. Even those we put on pedestals. Whether you are from a council estate or a castle, we all have that voice in our heads that can be negative at times.

You see some of the strongest people in sport but mentally they can be so vulnerable.

When I look back at the players I played with they all had their own mental hurdles to deal with. Sadly, one of my old Wigan teammates Terry Newton took his own life.

The battle for me was never been the physical one, always the mental one. There’s a lot of things that I’ve carried over the years that have been a massive struggle.

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