EU data leak: ‘Huge security breach at European Parliament – hundreds of MEPs compromised’ | World | News

Yash Kadakia, founder of Security Brigade and Shadow Map, said his group had found a major data breach. The security expert, a self-proclaimed “Code Monkey”, was able to easily access data and passwords from members. After Brussels denied the claims, Mr. Kadakia doubled down and revealed more details of the alleged breach. 

Yesterday he tweeted: “This includes data & passwords of 200+ members of the European Parliament, European Council and European Commission. Also impacts 1000+ members of staff at the European Parliament.

“The data also includes 15,000+ users including journalists, members of a number of political parties and institutions.

“It also includes members of several European Union Institutions like the Europol, European Data Protection Supervisor, EUIPO, Frontex, etc.”

The claims of a breach has also been reported by Politico Europe. 

A spokesperson for the European Parliament said they had investigated the claims. They said no Parliament accounts were involved. 


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The data includes 10 members of the European Council (using, 90 members of the European Commission (using domain), 103 members of the European Parliament (using domain) and 1010 members of the European Parliament (using domain).”

The European Parliament has been contacted for a follow-up to these second claims. 

This is a developing story, more to follow…

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