EU on brink: Ex-MEP predicts which nation will be next leave ‘it does not work’ | World | News

June Mummery told that Italy will be the next country to leave the European Union. The former Brexit Party MEP stated that she does not believe the European Union will survive following the coronavirus pandemic as the world’s largest trading bloc does not work. 

Ms Mummery said: “It will be Italy, I think Italy will follow.

“I don’t think the European Union will be there much longer.

“That is all because it does not work, it just does not work.

“I don’t think it will survive this, they have shown their true colours.”

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Earlier this month a leading political expert stated the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a drastic change in public opinion among Italians regarding membership of the European Union.

Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, Anand Menon told BBC Radio London that over 60 percent of Italians now think membership of the European Union is a bad thing.

Professor Menon stated that this could result in populist politicians gaining power within Italy.   

Professor Menon said: “In some countries, notably Italy, the experience of the crisis has led to some remarkable changes in public opinion.

“This will make it even hard for the EU to work well.”

He continued: “The European Central Bank has made available some eye-watering sums of money to preserve the market.

“The Germans have accepted Italian patients into their hospitals so it is not simply a story of member states turning their back on each other.

“One of the fundamental issues the EU faced was that health is one of the few areas they have no authority.”

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