Facial: How to give yourself a facial at home

Home facial for dry skin

Begin by applying a warm aromatherapeutic rose compress to the face. To do this, simply soak your facecloth in warm water and add a capful of Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath.

Repeat this two to three times, breathing in deeply each time.

Your skin is now relaxed while your blood circulation is also enlivened. Good circulation is key for healthy radiant skin!

Using a gentle cleansing milk with circular movements, give your skin a gentle cleansing massage. Why not try ESPA Hydrating Cleansing Milk.

Always work from the centre outwards and begin at the forehead working down the face, acknowledging our internal cleansing system; the lymphatic system.

The Witch Hazel found in the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk helps to strengthen the skin’s ability to preserve moisture.

Thoroughly rinse off the cleanser using the warm wild rose water in your bowl/basin.

For a gentle exfoliation, use your facecloth in rhythmical circular movements. Be careful not to pull and tug at the skin. You do not require pressure!

Follow with a pump of firming serum and apply to the face with gentle tapping movements, ‘working in’ the serum and awakening the skin.

Follow with a generous layer of night cream as a mask.

After 20 minutes, steam in excess with a warm wild rose compress and complete with the application of the eye cream and day cream.

You could try Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream or Body Shop’s Vitamin E Eye Cream or Brightening Day Cream.

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