Father’s Day 2020: 5 ways to celebrate Father’s Day in lockdown

This year Father’s Day will fall on Sunday, June 21 in the UK. While the UK is on lockdown, people are not able to celebrate Father’s Day as they usually might, such as with trips to the cinema or a restaurant visit. But there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Father’s Day while the lockdown is in place.


If you’re lucky enough to get some sunshine this weekend, you can’t go wrong with a barbecue to mark Father’s Day this year.

Most dad’s never need an excuse to whip out the barbecue, and if you live in the same household as your dad barbecuing is a fun activity you can both do together.

And if you don’t live with your dad, small gatherings in gardens are now permitted under UK lockdown rules.

So if you want to meet with other family members outside, make sure you adhere to social distancing and stay two metres apart to keep your loved ones safe.

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A virtual day out

People often take their dads out for day trips on Father’s Day, however this year many attractions are closed due to coronavirus.

But many attractions, such as museums, are offering virtual tours for free on their websites.

Take a virtual tour of a London museum, or ‘travel’ further afield with a virtual tour of a tourism hotspot.

You can also watch a virtual concert of a band or singer you both really like.

Go for a walk

We’ve heard all through lockdown how important it is to get out for some exercise everyday.

So if you don’t live with your dad, why not take a trek through the great outdoors?

Exercise is now unlimited while on lockdown, and people can meet up providing they stay two metres apart.

There are plenty of beautiful countryside spots around the UK, so go explore, and maybe pack a nice picnic for the occasion.

Virtual pub quiz

Quiz night doesn’t have to end because of the lockdown, and many people up and down the UK have regularly been taking part in virtual pub quizzes during the pandemic.

For Father’s Day, you and your siblings can create a fun family quiz, full of all your inside family jokes.

There are plenty of quiz questions and answers online, so include all the categories your family really likes.

And the best part of a virtual quiz is everyone can take part from the comfort of their own homes.

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