Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Food shop: Supershoppers reveal how to slash your online grocery bill with these tips

Online shopping is favoured by millions of people because it saves time and is easy to navigate. However, grocery shopping online could come with a hefty price as pop-ups and cheap deals catch the eye of an online shopper. Channel 4’s Supershoppers has shared top tips on how you can slash your final bill with these surprising tips.


Retail giant Tesco offered cheaper four-hour slots and then a one-hour time slot on the delivery date whilst other supermarkets offered free delivery if you spend over a certain amount.

Cutting down on delivery costs can be tricky as the pricing isn’t determined until you reach the checkout but Supershoppers explained that if you plan to shop regularly online, then there are certain ways you can make little savings.

Signing up to a monthly or annual pass with different supermarkets can help reduce the amount you spend on delivery charges.

Sainsbury’s has two different passes available including the ‘Anytime Pass’ and the ‘Midweek Pass’ where you can either purchase a three-month, six-month or 12-month pass.

This allows you to book up to one delivery per day as well as one-hour delivery slots that suit your day all for prices ranging between £10-£60.

If you’re after the three month ‘Midweek Pass’ it comes at a cost of £10 whereas the 12 month ‘Anytime Pass’ comes at a whopping £60 but Sainsbury’s guarantees a voucher if your Delivery Pass isn’t covered by your savings.

Supermarket Tesco offers a delivery service from £7.99 a month for six months or a £47.94 one-off payment to help cut the costs.

However, due to the current increased demand for delivery slots, same-day deliveries are not available but you can enjoy free any day Click+Collect with the service.

Online shopping can be a pain for many, with substitutes being one of the biggest problems.

Some supermarkets offer substitutions if stock is not available but Channel 4’s Supershoppers explains that some online grocery stores have the option to deselect substitutes.

This will help you make savings on your online shop because it will stop you receiving food or toiletry items that will not be used.

They found that retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose all have the option to allow you to avoid substitution.

Also, online shopping means the supermarkets can track your spending and see what items you regularly buy.

This usually then becomes beneficial to the customer as they will be notified when certain products are on offer to help them save money on specific items as well as recommendations based on a customer’s shop being available to view online.

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