Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2020

Fraud warning: This government phone number has been hijacked by scammers | Personal Finance | Finance

Fraudsters exploit millions of people, and individuals have been increasingly encouraged to be on their guard. A new scam involves a government number which has seemingly been hijacked by criminals who are looking to catch Britons out. HMRC, or HM Revenue and Customs, alongside the Government Legal Department (GLD) have dedicated contact lines to help Britons with a wide variety of queries.

However, these calls are not being made by HMRC, nor are they from the GLD.

In fact, they are likely to be from scammers who are attempting to pressure their victims into handing over personal information or bank details.

The important number Britons should take note of is 020 7210 8500. 

While this is a genuine number for the Government Legal Department, people will not be contacted from it. 

Unfortunately, instances of scamming have been rife throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

It appears fraudsters have attempted to take advantage of the uncertainty often present as this time to target unsuspecting Britons.

The Metropolitan Police, however, have offered advice to people on how to prevent personal fraud. 

People should never give out banking or personal details to anyone they do not know or trust.

Britons should also never send money to anyone they do not know or trust, whether in the UK or abroad, or use methods of payments they are not comfortable with.

Indeed, if an offer involves money, time or commitment, then individuals should always seek independent or legal advice.

Those who spot a scam or have been scammed should always report the issue to Action Fraud either via phone or online. 

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