Freddie Mercury children: Did Queen frontman have children before he died? | Music | Entertainment

Many may have expected Hutton to have also received some of Mercury’s wealth on his death, which he did.

In the end, Mercury gave his home, recording royalties and most of his wealth to Austin, with the remainder going to his parents and sister.

As well as that, Mercury left money to some other people in his life, including £500,000 to his chef Joe Fanelli, his personal assistant Peter Freestone and to Jim Hutton, while he left £100,000 to his driver Terry Giddings.

He also left the responsibility of burying his remains to Austin, who buried them in an undisclosed location which it is believed is only known by Austin.

Austin was with him a great deal in his final years and is believed to have visited him regularly in his final weeks to look after him, along with Hutton.

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