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Frexit news: EU crisis as pressure mounts on Macron – ‘We must take back control NOW!’ | World | News

Britain completed its departure from the EU on New Year’s Eve – four-and-a-half years after the historic Brexit referendum in a move that has ended 47 years of membership to the bloc. The UK had been in a transition period with the EU for most of 2020 but has now unshackled itself from Brussels’ rules around the Customs Union and Single Market. Both sides had agreed a post-Brexit trade deal just a week earlier following several months of tense and often bitter negotiations.

Boris Johnson has revelled in the success of Brexit, boasting how the UK has now “taken back control” and has remained insistent the nation will quickly flourish with its new-found powers.

Now Brussels is facing a fresh crisis, with French President Mr Macron facing increasing calls for France to hold its own referendum on membership with the EU.

Charles-Henri Gallois, president of the political campaign group Generation Frexit, said France can become the first country to follow the UK out of the EU and is confident of success should a referendum take place.

He claimed while a departure from the EU would free France from a financial burden totalling tens of billions of euro, it all comes down to retaining democracy and sovereignty.

Mr Gallois told “France can definitely be the next country to leave the EU and we are working on it with Génération Frexit.

“I think that if we can get a referendum on Frexit, we will win it as we will have a proper debate on the EU, which is not the case in other elections.

“A country which does not control its laws, its money, its commercial agreements, its currency, its boundaries is not a sovereign country at all. France is a great country and should take back control!

“You can have thousands of economic arguments as the EU costs us a lot financially (cost of the euro currency overvalued for our economy, France is the 2nd largest contributor to EU budget, France will lose €40billion in the Coronavirus Recovery Fund) but eventually it’s about democracy.

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He claimed: “The end of the EU will be great for European countries.”

He also warned Britain’s “successful Brexit” could be the trigger for other member states to follow the UK out of the bloc.

The Generation Frexit President said: “I think that Boris Johnson has done what you have to do in negotiations with the EU.

“The EU does not negotiate in good faith. They don’t like a win-win relationship.

“They tried to bully and punish the UK as they fear a successful Brexit that will give ideas for other countries such as France, to leave the bloc.”

Mr Gallois added: “I’m in favour of Brexit because I hate the EU but I love Europe.

“I have many British friends, some of them within the Brexit Party, and it’s great to see them take back control.

“I mean that the end of the EU will be great for European countries.

“Brexit and a successful Brexit are the key to help the continent to be free.”

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