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Prior to A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, the events of Robert’s Rebellion took place. The Targaryen dynasty was ended as Jaime Lannister slaughter the Mad King Aerys II. It’s theorised that this could have been avoided if Prince Rhaegar, the heir to the Iron Throne, had married the King’s Hand Tywin’s daughter Cersei Lannister.

But now a popular new fan theory argues that George RR Martin hinted that the Mad King was right to stop this marriage, because of hints in Fire & Blood.

Fans will know Fire & Blood as the three hundred year history of House Targaryen and their kings who ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros until Robert’s Baratheon’s Rebellion.

Reddit user William-Roxton argues: “In Fire & Blood, we get numerous examples of former Hands of the King attempting to marry their daughters to Targaryens in order to seat a grandson of theirs on the Iron Throne.

“Most notable of these are Ser Otto Hightower and Lord Unwin Peake, both of which are accused of overreaching themselves when attempting to marry their daughters to the King they served.”

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The theorist added: “Therefore, this does set a sort of precedent for Aerys to follow when denying Tywin’s request to marry his daughter Cersei to Prince Rhaegar.

“Now with the benefit of hindsight, we know that Aerys made a mistake and perhaps would’ve prevented Robert’s Rebellion.

“Yet at the time he would simply be following in the footsteps of his predecessors.”

A fan commented: “Wow I never even thought of this! Cool idea! Although in Aerys’s case I think it was more his jealousy of Tywin because everyone knew he was the real power and was almost a petty way to get back at him instead.”

Meanwhile, George RR Martin is finishing off The Winds of Winter.

It’s been almost a decade since he published a novel in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Even since the lockdown began the author has been squirrelled away in an isolated mountain cabin writing.

In a series of updates over the last couple of months, the 71-year-old has revealed he’s been writing about Westeros every day.

In one of his more recent blog posts Martin appeared to tease The Winds of Winter will be published this year.

The post in question concerned his movie theatre, the Jean Cocteau Cinema in New Mexico, which has been closed since the lockdown began.

He wrote of how he’s kept his staff on, working virtually on the JCC YouTube channel. And just before signing off, he cryptically teased: “We hope to keep adding content to the JCC… including new book events… once we reopen.”

So just what new book events followed by a “dot dot dot” could the author be teasing but The Winds of Winter’s release later this year?

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