Gary Barlow net worth: Millions Take That singer has made from the boyband

Gary Barlow, 49, shot to fame as one fifth of 90s boyband Take That. The group were one of the most popular of their era, with a string of hits, and reformed in 2006, 10 years after they broke up shortly after Robbie Williams’ departure.

He entered a Christmas song competition with a track titled ‘Let’s Pray for Christmas’ when he was 15.

After he reached the semi-finals, he was invited to London’s West Heath Studios to record the song.

The experience inspired him to perform on the Northern club circuit, singing a mix of covers and his own material.

This led to him being spotted by Nigel Martin-Smith, who created Take That with Gary at the centre as the songwriter.

Which Take That songs did Gary write?

Many of Take That’s biggest hits were penned by Gary, and these include:

A Million Love Songs, 1992

Pray, 1993

Babe, 1993

Everything Changes, 1993

Why Can’t I Wake Up With You?, 1993

Love Ain’t Here Anymore, 1994

Back For Good, 1995

Never Forget, 1995

Songwriting is a lucrative business, and Gary is far from the only Briton to make millions from penning hits.

Craig David, 39, has had a successful career in the music industry with 20 UK Top 40 singles, and seven UK Top 40 albums.

He has also sold over 15,000,000 records worldwide as a solo artist with multiple world tours under his belt.

Craig wrote many of his own songs including 7 days, Rendezvous and Fill Me In.

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