Gary Lineker: Net worth revealed – earns BBC’s second highest salary

Gary Lineker is known by some for his football career. By others he is recognised for his punditry, and by some his advertising of crisps. But how much has he made in his career?

He is second only to Chris Evans, the BBC Radio 2 presenter, who makes between £2.2m and £2.25m per year.

Broken down this is quite spectacular. Per minute Gary Linekar earns £3.33.

Per hour he earns £199.77 an per day he earns £4,794.52.

His monthly salary, therefore, is £145,833 – a figure many dream of seeing in their bank account.

Plus, Gary’s BBC is salary is not the only money he has coming in.

He is the face of Walkers crisps, and he earns £1m a year from them snacks company.

Gary has his own company which makes sports programmes, such as Wayne Rooney: The Man Behind the Goals, Being Kevin Pietersen, and Anthony Joshua: A Legend in the Making.

Gary began his career as a professional footballer.

Gary married his first wife Michelle Cockayne in 1986. They had four sons but divorced in May 2006.

He married his second wife Danielle Bux on 2 September 2009.

However, they divorced in 2016 as the presenter did not want more children.

Piers Morgan recently laughed at Gary Lineker’s complaint about Brexit delaying BBC Match of the Day. 

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