Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Gemma Cairney: Radio One host gives lockdown advice – ‘HUNTED by our phones’ | Music | Entertainment

Speaking exclusively to, Gemma told the story of Pip Stewart, an explorer who finds pleasure in travel and finding exciting things abroad.

Gemma said: “She [Stewart] had the most amazing story about being on a really mad farfetched adventure where a jaguar approached her camp.

“And she was obviously, as anyone would be, quite nervous and scared and went into the primal element of fight or flight.

“They all hunkered down and worked really quickly to get away from that threat.

“And she said she quickly felt normal again after the threat was over of being captured by a jaguar, and there was a sense of relief.

“But when she was home months later, she could feel her phone going off in her pocket and there were lots of messages, and she noticed how she felt similarly to the day she was being hunted by a jaguar.

“I thought that was really strong in terms of the message of how much pressure we can feel about something which is as connected and fun as our phones.”

For Gemma, connecting with people is incredibly important during the lockdown period, but said she is trying to go about it in a different way.

She said: “I always have been championing a phone call over a message.

“When everyone was panic-buying, I panic-bought a house phone.

“So before lockdown, there was this thing of subconsciously needing to get what we need in case we had to be in one place, and I have been going on about getting a house phone for ages as I think it’s a nice way to speak to somebody instead of a mobile by your ear.”

But her big advice for people is to find time for themselves, and make sure they have fun and time to enjoy themselves despite the grim outlook.

She added: “As a person who is fascinated by life and people, I do think it’s interesting to how this is turning out, though I am afraid of the lots of things that people are in terms of this being such a huge change to our everyday lives.

“It is making us really think about what we do with our time and there is a pressure to be productive all the time.

“I think we do put pressure on ourselves regularly and one of the things I love about Sorry Not Sorry is that it’s a really nice celebration of just doing something for yourself which you really enjoy. Enjoyment will always be important.”

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