George RR Martin: Hugo Awards viewers deem author’s ‘mispronunciation of names’ ‘racist’ | Books | Entertainment

Martin’s references to Campbell and Lovecraft were not the only complaints from viewers, as he “mispronounced” a number of nominees’ names – particularly the names of authors of colour.

According to, all nominees were required to provide pronunciations of their names in advance.

Since the award ceremony, Martin posted a lengthy apology on File 770, which included the comment: “At no point in the process was I ever given a phonetic guide to how to pronounce all the other finalists, the ones who did not win.

“Had I received that, I would certainly have made every effort to get all the names correct.

“I do hereby apologize to everyone and anyone whose name I mispronounced. I am deeply sorry. That was never my intent.”

Later in the apology Martin wrote: “Regardless of what sins of omission and commission were committed by others, the ultimate responsibility was surely mine, since it was my mouth those names were coming out of… so once again, I am sorry.

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