Published On: Tue, Mar 23rd, 2021

George Russell ‘will be phoning’ Toto Wolff but must consider Mercedes alternatives – Hill | F1 | Sport

“He’ll be on people’s watch list, definitely, but time ticks by incredibly quickly in this sport, and he did so well close to the end of last season, but that was almost 100 years ago now. Things pick up, new guys come on the scene and new stories evolve.

“He knows that and he has to keep the pressure up, otherwise he may get overlooked by some other new star.”

Russell has an important season in front of him, with new owners at Williams to work alongside and an underperforming car to contend with.

Speaking ahead of the first race in Bahrain, the Brit admitted he was under no illusion the future was secure.

“Toto has always given me his word, and he has always given me the opportunity when they believe I deserve it,” Russell said.

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