Getting More Sales from the Traffic you Have

One easy way to make more money without getting more traffic is to get more sales from the traffic that you currently have. If you currently get an average of 100 visits a day to a sales page and out of that average 100 visits you get an average two sales then you may want to work on increasing your conversion rates.

Conversion rates will vary widely based on what you are selling or what kind of traffic you’re getting or what market you are in but none of that matters.

When you are trying to increase your conversion rates you really are only in competition with yourself. It does not matter what the average industry conversion rate is if there is really a way to measure such a thing.

There is always a way to improve your page and there is always a way to improve your approach. Many marketers like to do something called split testing where they will put up two different versions of the same page and send half their traffic to each version. Then they like to test which page made the most sales.

This can be really hard when you are an affiliate because you don’t always get access to all the statistics that tell you exactly where a sale came from.

There are some ways for you to test your content without split testing though. Let’s talk about those. So if you know that you get a certain amount of visits to your website each day and a certain amount of sales from your website each day you can make one change and monitor your sales for a month to see if it makes any difference. Examples of the kind of changes you may want to make are

1) Change the picture or the positioning of the picture on your sales page

2) Change your call to action.  Instead of saying “buy it here now” try saying something like “click here to see it now”.  

3) Change some of the elements of your sales page like how many times you link to the product or how high on the page you link to the product.

4) Increase the number of funnels to your sales page or add some funnels in to your sales page. What I mean by this is if you are currently linking to your sales page at the bottom of each other page on your website, then maybe start linking to your sales page at the top and bottom of each other page on your website. If you are not currently linking to your sales page from each of your other webpages then start.

Only change one thing at a time and continue monitoring your sales numbers and conversion rates to see what is working and what is not. Don’t be afraid to change something back that just didn’t work. Make a note of it and move on.  Getting more sales from the traffic that you already have is a very worthwhile marketing tactic to pursue. Every increase in conversion rate means you are a little bit better of a marketer and you can take that knowledge and apply it to every other project you start.

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