Greggs and Primark fans divided over new clothing range

Greggs and Primark are already in the festive spirit as their clothing collection will include a snowflake print jumper and a fluffy bobble hat. Both Greggs and Primark fans have taken to social media since the announcement, with some praising the retailers for the new line, while others seemed less impressed.

The range will feature everything from a hooded throw, to pyjamas, and slippers.

There will also be a sausage roll print jumper and a pair of clogs, which are lined with fur to keep toes warm during the winter months.

But the collection will not only contain items of clothing. In addition to the cosy pieces, it will include a variety of stocking fillers – perfect for any Greggs superfan.

These are the Sugar Strand Doughnut pens, the Sausage Roll notebook, a pencil case, and keychains.

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Greggs-themed gift bags and wrapping paper will also be available, completing any gift.

Social media users have expressed their opinions on the new range, with some excited to try out the new range, while others weren’t huge fans.

Actor Drake Force wrote: “Send me the whole range, I will rock the shizz out of it all.”

Twitter user @ShorkieGames said: “Greggs clothing never misses.”


Full list of products

Greggs Christmas Jumper – £17.00

Greggs Blue Quarter Zip – £18.00

Greggs Blue Brushed Jogger – £16.00

Greggs Black Hoodie – £18.00

Greggs Black Jogger – £16.00

Greggs PJ Set – £17.00

Greggs Black Fur-lined Clogs – £8.00

Greggs Black Varsity Jacket – £25.00

Greggs Hooded Throw – £16.00

Greggs Blue Slippers – £9.00

Greggs Bobble Hat – £8.00

Greggs Scarf – £8.00

Greggs Crossbody Bag – £9.00

Greggs Phone Case – £4.00

Greggs Water Bottle – £7.00

Greggs Socks (pack of five) – £9.00

Greggs Underpants (pack of two) – £9.00

Greggs Gift Bag – £1.50

Greggs Wrapping Paper – £1.80

Greggs Notebook – £5.00

Greggs Pens – £2.00

Greggs Pencil Case – £3.50

Greggs Key Chain – £1.00

Greggs Mug & Socks Set – £5.00

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