Hair: Volume spray one of the best products to get lifted roots

A beauty content creator has shared the volumising mousse she uses to add bounce and lift to her hair, and it’s even used by one of the Kardashian clan. Elle McNamara goes by Bambi online. She boasts 48.3K followers on her Instagram account @bambidoesbeauty and around the name number on her TikTok account @bambidoesbeauty.

The beauty blogger highlighted that even the Kardashians use one of her top tips for her signature volumised hair. She said: “Did anyone else spot this in one of the recent Kardashian episodes? He’s Kourtney getting her glam done.

“And this purple bottle right here. I buy mine for £10. It’s literally one of the best hair secrets for volume. Look at the root volume it gives. Kardashian-worthy.”

The product has been recommended by the blogger before when the influencer was asked: “What products do you use to keep the volume? Mine flattens so fast, but your hair looks beautiful.”

Bambi responded: “If your volume doesn’t last keep watching for this under £10 hack. The secret to big voluminous hair that lasts is what you put in it while the hair is damp before you do any of your styling or any of your curling. This is the part that matters. No expensive styling tools. Just a £10 mousse.”

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Bambi has previously recommended a volumising product from Boots, which costs only £1.50. She said: “Watch how £1.50 mouse takes my hair from flat and limp to voluminous. 

“I apply it directly onto the roots just because that’s where I want most of the volume. I apply more through the hair just because I want volume throughout. I brush it through to evenly distribute it, and then I rough dry my hair.”

She uses the Boots Everyday Extra Firm Hold Mousse. According to the brand, the mousse is “super lightweight” and “has added humidity protection to tame that frizz.” 

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