Heartbreaking plea from grandmother at No 10 press briefing: ‘When can I hug my family’ | UK | News

Matt Hancock announced the daily coronavirus briefing would be introducing a new segment where they answer questions from the public. The Health Secretary was asked by a concerned grandmother asked about what precautions will still be in place as the Government reduces lockdown measures. Grandmother Lynn from Skipton asked: “I am missing my grandchildren so much, please can you let me know if after the five criteria are met, is being able to hug our closest family one of the first steps out of lockdown?”

Mr Hancock said: “That is an incredibly important question and brings home the emotional impact of the lockdown measures.”

Mr Hancock then handed over the question to chief medical expert Chris Whitty.

Mr Whitty said: “Very clearly, for most people, the ability to interact with family in a way that they have not been able to during this period is absolutely essential.

“In terms of a direct answer to this lady’s question, it depends on the situation that she finds herself in.”

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