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In an Instagram Live Q&A, Johnson opened up on a few things in his career.

One of those was the big role he did not get, which was won by actor Tom Cruise.

However, the other was whether there will be a Hobbs and Shaw sequel, and he had very happy news for fans.

Referencing an announcement he made some time ago, he said: “One thing regarding Hobbs and the universe we’re creating, you guys were super excited when I said that we’re developing the sequel to Hobbs and Shaw, which we are.

“Chris Morgan will write again Seven Bucks Productions [Johnson’s production company] will produce again.

“We created a lot of great characters from Vanessa Kirby’s character to Idris Elba’s character… Eiza Gonzalez.

“And in this next instalment we’ll have more surprises – great characters to create, not characters that Hobbs can kick the s**t out of because that’s boring, but characters you can fall in love with.

“Villains, anti heroes and heroes all across the board so I’m excited about that.”

Johnson made a specific mention to Gonzalez, whose character was fairly small in the movie.

Gonzalez was Madam M, who was running a mansion filled with beautiful women, gangsters being interrogated and lots of weapons.

She was pretty much a complete mystery, so it may be that her character, who was clearly a pseudo-love interest for Shaw (played by Jason Statham) will be making a comeback in a big way.

Johnson talked more about the character of Hobbs, and why he is ultimately “grateful” to have been turned down for the role of Jack Reacher, which was offered to Tom Cruise.

He said: “You know he’s [Hobbs] the guy who broke a cast off his arm and said ‘Daddy’s got to go to work.’

“He’s the guy who redirected a torpedo and of course in Hobbs and Shaw he held onto a helicopter with a chain in one arm and the back of the rig.

“But I found we created a character consistently winking at the audience and letting them know ‘I’m having the time of my life.’

“Hobbs is having so much fun. He won’t always have the answers but he’ll always act like he does… but it’s that winking quality and entertainment value that Hobbs brings which allows the fans to accept and embrace, ‘Hell yeah, Hobbs can hold the helicopter!”

He added: “I look back with gratitude that I didn’t get Jack Reacher because when one door closes, sometimes in life, in a cool way, the universe will open up another way.”

While there is no information on production or release dates for Hobbs and Shaw 2, it will certainly be one to see once cinemas are back up and running.

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