Home schooling: How to keep your children motivated during lockdown

“If you can, aim for an hour in the morning of two 30 minute sessions covering maths and English, and in the afternoon try to ‘learn together’ by finding an engaging topic to write, draw, take photos of, find facts etc. to keep the learning experience as engaging as possible.”

The experienced teacher said children are more likely to engage when they are looking at a topic they are interested, and that this technique can be applied to a wide range of school subjects.

Ms Warner said: “Read together in the garden for a more relaxed environment. Talk about the book, ask questions and enjoy the learning experience.

“If you can, aim to read a book a day with younger children as it will really help them in the long term.”

The Oxford Reading Owl is a great website with accessible free e-books based on a child’s learning ability, which Ms Warner recommends.

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