Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

How to cut your own fringe: A step-by-step guide

Trimming yourself a fringe can go one of two ways. You’ll either smash it and love your new and edgy look, or make a total mess of it and be left with wonky tufts of hair covering your forehead. spoke to hairstylist at Blue Tit Portobello Jemima Bradley to find out how to cut your own fringe like a trained hairdresser.


A man is only as good as his tools, they say.

This is true when it comes to cutting yourself a fringe, said Jemima.

She explained: “Using the right tools are an absolute must for cutting your fringe at home.

“I understand that in these times it’ll be hard to source to right equipment, but if you have the right tools you are already halfway to a perfect fringe.”

The tools you will need are:

  • Two Sectioning Clips
  • Hairdressing Scissors
  • A Wide Tooth Comb
  • A Round Blow Dry Brush
  • A Hairdryer

Jemima warned: “Never use your fingers to hold your hair, the tension will be too much and cause your fringe to be uneven.

“Using a comb will give you a more professional finish.”

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How to cut a soft swoopy or soft full fringe

If you’re after something soft and messy rather than sharp, follow these steps.

Step one

Comb your hair vertically down, making sure it is sitting evenly across your forehead.

Step two

Starting from the centre, slide the scissors under your fringe lifting it away from your forehead.

Place the comb underneath and tap your fringe into the bed of the comb.

Try to hold the comb as close to you as possible, this zero-elevation technique will help to give you a cleaner finish (if you want a midi or micro fringe, cut without the comb to help you cut your fringe to the right length).

Step three

Cut just below the comb, be sure to hold your comb just above the length you’d like to cut too.

Instead of cutting a straight line across the baseline of your fringe, cut very small triangles.

You do this by holding your scissors just off a vertical angle.

Then, cut upwards using just the tip of your scissors.

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Step one

Use your comb as a guide, by holding your comb at the angle you’d like to cut, this allows you to use it as a sort of ruler, keeping your fringe to your desired shape.

Step two

Once you’ve cut your centre section, release your hair from the comb.

Step three

It’s time to pick out your outer section.

Gather this by measuring it against your eyebrows.

The section should consist of hair from around the centre of your eyebrow outwards.

Step four

Angle your comb in the shape you like to create, whether this is straight across or rounded at the edges.

Step five

Repeat the same cutting motion as you used in the centre.

If you want it swoopy, drop it slightly at the sides.

If you want it straight follow the line you started.

For a choppier fringe, cut slightly larger triangles.

The smaller the triangle, the softer the edge.

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