How to Get More Traffic

When you are new to affiliate marketing it may seem like a daunting task to get more traffic. That is probably because when you are new to affiliate marketing it seems like the only way to get traffic is to get organic search engine traffic from Google. And it takes time to move your site up in the ranks in Google in most cases.

So let’s talk about other ways that you can get more traffic and hopefully more sales. One way that you can probably easily get more organic search engine traffic very quickly is to write on a trending topic. Pick a topic that is in the news right now and related to your subject matter somehow.

Write a blog post or a website on this topic and get some visitors to it – either by sending out a mailing to your list or utilizing some sort of a mastermind group to get people to come and check out your post. There are a lot of these on Facebook – you just need to find one that you fit in with.  Search for mastermind group or check out the Empowered Tribe (search in Facebook for empowered tribe).  Once some people go to your new page and maybe leave a comment or share it on Facebook Google will take notice and come over to see it and see if they want to index it.

Write on a truly trending topic – Google probably will not have a lot of pages in the index about this subject already and therefore it will send traffic to just about anyone who puts a page up.  If you pick a good topic then it may have a lot of searches for it already and Google could feasibly start sending you hundreds of visits a day within a few hours.

Another way to get more traffic is to do some article marketing. A great way to use article marketing is to write a fantastic resource on a subject that is related to your website, put it up on your website, and then put it up on ease ezinearticles and any other article directories that you like to use. When people choose your article and put it on their website then you automatically get easy links and possibly traffic via your resource box.

This becomes even more powerful if you can find online magazines that need a lot of content and have a lot of readers. Find them and contact them directly and tell them you have articles for syndication. They just need to keep your resource box intact. Once you have a list of online magazines or online content creators who are willing to publish your articles and who have traffic to send you then you have a source of traffic that can become even more powerful than Google.

Continue to look for new people to publish your syndicated content and continue to send your list out new content that they can use. People who publish syndicated content really like it to be long and excellent. Long means between 1000 and 1500 words.  If you are having a hard time finding people to publish your content, maybe ask some people exactly what they’re looking for and tweak your content accordingly.

Use these two methods to get more traffic to your website soon and do more of what works. More traffic doesn’t always mean more sales, but it frequently does. And sales are what we are looking for.

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