How to get rid of flies inside your home – the simple tricks

Ultimately, the most effective way of getting rid of flies is by using a professional fly control service. But as this may not always be a feasible option, there are several cost-effective methods you can try at home.

Pour a sweet liquid, such as sugar water into the bottom third of the bottle.

Next, turn the top third of the bottle upside-down to act as a cone and place it in the opening of the larger part of the bottle.

As a result, flies will make their way into the bottle but will be unable to get out.

Vinegar and dish soap fly trap

First, take a shallow bowl or dish and fill it with an inch of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar.


Basil doesn’t require much maintenance and it can survive in any climate.

Bay Leaf

These leaves grow well during the warmer months and can be brought indoors.


You can hang this plant in bundles around your home or garden, or simply let it grow.

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