How to look younger: Most ‘youthful’ hairstyle for grey hair – ‘lifts the face!’

As everyone ages, hair is either lost or turns grey. Whilst some ladies vow to dye their hair until they die, others embrace their new natural hair colour much earlier. With platinum, ash grey and cool blonde very trendy amongst younger women, transitioning to grey hair has never been easier. spoke to Brenda Lee Intignano and stylist Lynn Chambers from Cliphair about the best haircuts and styles for grey hair, that won’t add years to your face. 

Whether you have the odd grey strand, are mid-way through transitioning to complete grey, or fancy a more youthful style, Brenda and Lynn explained why hair goes grey and the age at which it begins. 

The hair experts said: “The pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually stop working as we get older. When there’s less pigment, the hair won’t contain as much melanin and will become more transparent, looking grey or white. 

“The average age for greying hair is after 35 but depending on your genetics it can start much earlier – or if you’re lucky, much later.” 

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Brenda and Lynn shared their tips for embracing grey hair without it ageing the face: “Fluffy styles with lots of layers will add volume, lift the face, and create a youthful effect, as opposed to more severe cuts that will look harsh and age you. 

“The big 90s blowout is all the rage now, and fairly easy to recreate. Jumbo rollers and heatless styling tools such as the curling ribbon will help you style your hair in a gentle way, even overnight. If you prefer a shorter style, try a softer ‘lob’ instead of a blunt bob. 

“Banish yellow tones from your silver hair with a purple shampoo, but make sure you don’t use it too often as this can make it look darker and dull – just once a week will do. 

“Growing out your greys and embracing it is a long process – but with the help of your stylist you can cleverly blend your outgrowing roots in with your old colour, making it look like a sophisticated balayage whilst you wait.” 

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Anyone considering ditching the dye and growing out their natural hair colour, it won’t be a fast process, and it’s better to plan the process to survive your ever-changing new appearance. 

There are a few styles that embrace natural grey hair through transitioning: 

Grey bronde with highlights and lowlights – a multitone colour scheme that adds depth, and is great for thinning hair. If you’re a natural brunette your hair is dyed brown, and a mixture of highlights and lowlights is said to be “the perfect camouflage for greying” hair. 

Salt and pepper – when grey hairs appear uneven and grey strands mix with darker ones, you get a “salt-and-pepper” effect. To achieve a similar natural look, use highlights and lowlights. This is a great colour combination for anyone with long hair. 

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Grey hair is not the only concern for women as they get older, the hair also thins. Brenda and Lynn said, “getting the right haircut can make your hair look much fuller”.

“Shorter styles with layers can give the illusion of thicker hair and go for a deep side parting can cover some thinner areas.

“It’s best to avoid longer, straighter styles, as they can make the thinning more obvious. Go for a shorter, blunter cut, and style it with gentle waves to create the look of thicker hair.” 

Thicker hair can also be achieved by using hair extensions, “if you’re looking for a boost of volume and length for occasions rather than every day, or just like to change your hairstyle often, clip-ins are perfect for you”. 

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