How to unblock the toilet

A blocked toilet can be extremely unhygienic, dangerous and odorous. Toilets can become blocked for a number of reasons. has compiled a guide to show you how to unblock a toilet and prevent toilet blockages happening in the first place.

Use hot water

At times you can unblock a toilet using just hot water.

It is advised you boil a kettle, pour the hot water into the bowl and leave it to sit for about three minutes.

Then you should flush your toilet and any blockage should hopefully have softened enough to be unblocked.

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Use water pressure

Water pressure can be used to break up blockages.

Water pressure should only be used as a last resort as you will need a pressure washer and a pipe cleaning kit to connect to it.

You should insert the hose into the toilet bowl, switch on the pressure washer and you will see the hose will be pulled down the pipe until it reaches the blockage.

If the blockage can be broken down, the water pressure will be able to do this.

When to call a plumber

If you have tried to unblock your toilet with any or all of the above options and it is still blocked you may need professional help.

Additionally, if your issue is recurring you should call in a plumber.

This may be the case if the above methods have not worked or there is an object causing the blockage which cannot be reached.

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