Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2020

Hurricane Laura update: Video shows roof coming out of a hotel in Lake Charles – WATCH | World | News

One of the most powerful storms to hit Louisiana has made landfall in the southwest of the US state. Hurricane Laura has caused problems for residents of Lake Charles city, including shattering glass windows and drenching areas. A video posted on Twitter by meteorologist Keith Monahan showed the terrifying scenes of a roof being torn off.

In the video a strong wind can be heard howling as the persistent rain is whipped around.

What appears to be a tarpaulin-like material is seen flapping from the top of the building behind the cameraperson.

On buildings opposite, objects that appear to be part of the roofs are being moved by the storm too.

Lights hanging in the courtyard are also being shaken violently.

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The storm passed through the city with winds of 137 kmph and gusts up to 206 kph in the hour after landfall.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said it arrived just before 1am in the small town of Cameron in Louisiana.

The Hurricane initially started as a Category 4 storm.

However it rapidly weakened to a Category 2 in the morning.

David Roth, a National Weather Service forecaster said: “This is one of the strongest storms to impact that section of coastline.

“We worry about that storm surge going so far inland there because it’s basically all marshland north to Interstate 10.

“There is little to stop the water.

“This surge could penetrate up to 40 miles inland from the immediate coastline.

“Flood waters will not fully recede for several days after the storm.”

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