Published On: Fri, Apr 3rd, 2020

Hurricane season 2020: ‘Ominous sign’ anomaly areas will trigger ‘above normal’ hurricanes | World | News

Gulf of Mexico

Currently, the Gulf of Mexico is abnormally warm – with analysis from Severe Weather Europe showing it is several degrees voice normal.

This warming first began in March and is continuing with temperatures more than 4C higher than the long term average in coastal areas.

The temperatures are starting to reach above 26C, which is the range for which waters are warm enough to give energy for tropical systems.

While Severe Weather Europe says this does not mean hurricanes will begin in the Gulf, to see temperatures so high this early “is an ominous sign”.

The Gulf of Mexico is a fuel source for weather systems with the warm water, particularly during the United States tornado season.

If the Gulf is warmer than usual, it can carry more moisture in the air which in turn gives more fuel to weather systems, making them stronger and more intense.

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