Published On: Sat, Apr 11th, 2020

If we don’t take Falklands while Boris is sick we are A*SHOLES! Shame of Argentine text | World | News

The WhatsApp message, spread largely among users in Argentina, said: “Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital after 10 days of coronavirus symptoms, Prince Charles has had coronavirus, Prince Harry has left the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II has gone into lockdown. If we do not recover the Malvinas this weekend, we are as*holes.” After being diagnosed with COVID-19 Boris Johnson had to be hospitalised as a precaution on April 5.

He was treated in the intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London, until being moved onto a ward yesterday. Today a statement from No 10 said: “He continues to make very good progress.”

Prince Charles was diagnosed as being infected with COVID-19 on March 25, after undergoing a test at a Scottish hospital in Aberdeenshire, where he had travelled to hours earlier despite already feeling mild symptoms.

The coronavirus also forced the Queen to begin a strict lockdown.

One Instagram user said: “I have just been sent the WhatsApp message from family members in Argentina, and I really do not find it funny. We are going through a global pandemic and they are making jokes about invading British territory. Do they not realise that people are dying all around the world?”

This comes after The Falklands Islands government confirmed the territory’s first case of COVID-19.

As soon as the coronavirus began to circulate in the Malvinas, the Argentine Government offered to send diagnostic test kits and enabled citizens of the island into Argentine hospitals.

In an interview with Sputnik, the secretary of the Argentine Chancellery for the Malvinas Islands Daniel Filmus, said it was a “humanitarian” gesture that had nothing to do with the claim of sovereignty over the islands.

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández took to Twitter, and said: “Malvinas belong to Argentina by history, geography, law, heart and our fallen and ex-combatants. Today, as every April 2, we claim our sovereignty and say, as always, Malvinas Argentinas!”

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