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In Search of Greatness, a documentary from filmmaker Gabe Polsky, shows the true relationship between nature and nurture in achieving greatness. While much of the documentary focuses on incredible athletes such as Venus and Serena Williams and Pelé, incredible musicians are also at the forefront. With the likes of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles in the mix, here is how to watch the 2018 documentary, which is available online for the first time.

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How to watch In Search of Greatness

In Search of Greatness is being released for digital download on May 6, and will be available from the usual legitimate sources such as iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

The film, first released in 2018, is currently available on DVD for £13.05, however, it will also be available to rent or to buy and download via Amazon Prime Video.

The documentary considers how genius works, and the secrets of “genius” in the creation of great figures of our time.

From Albert Einstein to Meryl Streep, from Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles, greatness and genius are words thrown around, often without the full meaning being assigned to its subject.

However, in this film, Polsky focuses his look at genius on sporting figures, using them as the core of how to create genius.

Through interviews with incredible stars such as ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky and arguably the best footballer of all time, Pelé, Polsky explores the making of a great athlete.

The documentary considers everything from upbringing, coaching and genetics to psychology and philosophy and in doing so champions the idea that it is the journey and not the destination which truly counts.

The film strives to spark a positive change for the next generation of young students, athletes and artists and encourage creativity, freedom and positivity as the foundations of greatness.

Along with those celebrities, Polsky also speaks to experts in their fields about how greatness is achieved, and what elements of a person’s life can lead to this.

One of these experts is Sir Ken Robinson, a well-known educationalist who was knighted for his services to the arts.

In his 2009 book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, he draws on the stories of creatives like Paul McCartney, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Meg Ryan, and this work is seen further explored in the documentary.

Sir Ken is the most-watched speaker in TED’s history, with his 2006 talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity, being viewed online more than 40million times and seen by an estimated 350 million people.

As well as him, Pelé, NFL star Jerry Rice, hockey player Wayne Gretzky and David Epstein, who wrote a New York Times bestselling book The Sports Gene about what makes a top sportsman.

All in all, the film showcases how in the worlds of showbiz and sport, greatness is an elusive mistress.

In Search of Greatness is released on digital download on May 6

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