Inheritance tax: A ‘perfect storm is brewing’ as new probate grant rule limits asset sales | Personal Finance | Finance

This has been condemned by many experts in the field as it is expected to delay the IHT process, with many claiming the government’s own systems are not even ready to handle such a move.

Recently, a worrying development has been unearthed by the Solicitors For The Elderly (SFE), a specialist group of lawyers dedicated to helping the elderly and vulnerable.

One of the SFE’s members recently attempted to move through the probate system but in mid-November, after waiting since June, they were greeted with the following message from the probate registry while waiting for a grant de bonis non (a probate grant where an executor dies before a house sale goes through): “Unfortunately your request to expedite the grant was denied. We are no longer expediting cases due to house sales. We stress that properties or any assets should not be put on sale before the grant is issued.”

It should be noted that SFE are hoping to meet with officials from HMCTS this week to get official confirmation and updates on this turn of events.

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