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President Donald Trump has abandoned the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions on the state, which have choked Tehran’s oil exports. Iran has accelerated its nuclear programme but denied Washington’s accusation that Iran might be seeking to build a nuclear weapon. Speaking at a virtual event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, Brian Hook said: “We’d love to have an in-person meeting to have a consular dialogue so that we can move faster than we have.

“The door for diplomacy on our side is wide open, not just on these matters but on … all the issues that have been bedevilling the US-Iran bilateral relations for 41 years.”

In 1979, the pro-western Shah of Iran was overthrown.

The Shah lost the support of the working class and the Islamic Revolution toppled his regime.

A Shia theocracy led by an Ayatollah was founded.

The other 10 members are rotated.

Currently, they are Belgium, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Tunisia and Vietnam.

For an action to be taken, nine members have to be in favour.

However, one of the five permanent members can veto any action.


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Beijing and Moscow are considered to be allies of Tehran.

The US and Iran despite tensions secured a deal on June 4.

Iran released a US Navy veteran that had been detained since 2018.

Washington allowed an Iranian-American physician to return to Iran.

Iran and the US back opposing sides in the Syrian Civil War

Tensions between the two escalated in January following the death of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani at the hands of a US drone strike at Baghdad International Airport.

Nine other people were killed in the attack.

As a consequence, Iran launched attacks on US forces based in Iraq.

It was the first direct conflict between the two since 1988 in the middle of the Iran-Iraq War.

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