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The 39-year-old mother-of-three served as an advisor to Mr Trump during his presidency after years working alongside him in their family business. Their relationship was said to be under threat amid reports that she had urged her father to concede the 2020 US election. An insider claimed that Ivanka had difficult talks with her father where she told him to abandon his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. The unnamed source also said that Ivanka “has had her eyes set” on the White House for a while but may have a “tug of war” to beat off challenges from brothers Don Jr and Eric to run in 2024. Ivanka, who was known as the ‘First Daughter’, gave insight into the Trump family’s extreme competitiveness in unearthed accounts.

Prior to Mr Trump’s 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton, when he won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote, he was the head of a business empire.

He popularised their family name, which was known for being ostentatiously branded across hotel chains and real estate investment. 

His children were all part of the business too but also had their own ventures, including Ivanka who was painted as a trailblazer among her siblings.

During a 2014 interview with CBS This Morning, her confidence and self-belief was likened to Mr Trump’s and was highlighted in her response to a question whether she wanted to develop a “billion dollar business”.

Ivanka said: “I do, I’m on my way, I’m close. I don’t set very restrained goals for myself just generally in anything I do. 

“My father very famously said, ‘If you’re going to dream anyway you may as well dream big.’”

When asked if they were competitive with one another, she hinted at battles between them, saying: “Well you know, we both sell products at Macy’s [Department store] so we’ll see, we’ll have to compare our numbers.”

During the 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit, Ivanka explained that whenever there was an argument about the family business: “I win, of course!”

She claimed they tried to keep level-headed because “as a collective” they believed they would achieve “much more” than they “could do individually”.

Ivanka previously admitted there were a number of times when she had disagreed with her father during his time in office and stated it could be “chaotic”.

She explained that the Trump family “didn’t take it for granted” that they could work so well together – because such an arrangement could go “very well or very badly” with “almost nothing in between”.

Ivanka added: “You push each other, you complement each other, you don’t let things go if you deeply feel like it’s the wrong direction.

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Mr Trump’s future has been speculated over since he suffered a crushing defeat to Joe Biden – making one of 10 US Presidents to only serve one term. 

David Smith, The Guardian’s Washington DC Bureau Chief, noted there are “plenty of theories” about what he will do next. 

They included starting “his own TV network” to rival Fox News after he criticised them for calling the election in President-elect Biden’s favour.

Mr Smith told the Today in Focus podcast this week: “Trump of course, who was on The Apprentice for a decade… as a businessman could do some reality show.

“The other lingering question is will he walk away from politics altogether or actually stay very engaged as a major looming presence in the Republican Party?”

He suggested that Mr Trump could “stir the pot and threaten to run again in 2024” – but others believe he will return to the business world.

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