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Dr No

Fans will remember Sean Connery’s driving skills in Dr No being a little strange, as he speedily swerved his car all over the place.

After analysing his driving through rear projection, Whocanfixmycar.com has revealed which route Bond would actually be taken on, compared to where he supposedly ended up.

For this movie, 007 is driving an Aston Martin DB5 as he leaves the apartment of Miss Taro, an enemy spy, and is suddenly pursued by an unknown assailant.

There is a lot of chaos in this chase, and while the rear projection used in this chase is perhaps one of the most famous ever images of Sean Connery and Bond in general, Connery quickly stumbles on some tight hairpins, and is clearly taking the car down a very different road to the intended route.


In Goldfinger, Connery is back in his Aston Martin DB5, and on chase led him to launch his ejector seat.

He had just been threatened with laser beam surgery to somewhere very unpleasant, and drove outside Goldfinger’s car factory.

While there, Bond’s car turns left before Bond gets rid of those chasing him, however, he forgot to actually make his left turn in the car, so it means the whole chase is a little off.


In Thunderball, Connery’s James Bond is picked up by a good-looking stranger on the side of the road after having been stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, he has no idea she is Spectre’s Fiona Volpe, and she tries to scare him by driving incredibly fast, to see whether he can hold his nerve.

While the road is pretty straight, the car wheel remains turned right after a turn, despite the car driving straight, meaning the pair would have ended up miles away from their intended destination.

You Only Live Twice

In You Only Live Twice, James Bond is saved by the gorgeous Aki in her convertible Tokyo 2000GT when Osato discovered he was a spy.

Again, the right-turning by Aki is a little off, and in the end they end up pretty off course.

However, Aki does make a call to Tiger, the head of the Japanese secret service, which means Bond is ultimately saved.

On Her Majesty’s Sacret Service

In this film, which is the third where it was not actually Bond who is driving, Bond and Tracy are slipping and sliding on the ice as they try to escape Blofeld’s men.

After emerging through the snow, they take a long right which looks as though they are over the road they have just been on.

Of course, this is pretty difficult given there is no bridge or tunnel to allow them to do so, ultimately leading them back to where they started if they continued onwards.

Mega Bond fans may have spotted the incorrect turns a few times, but it is worth rewatching these films to confirm the errors – and make sure there aren’t more lurking amidst the filming.

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