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James Bond fans will be expecting a big show when it comes to the cars featured in the upcoming No Time To Die. And it looks as though they won’t be disappointed. In a recent feature, GQ uncovered the secrets behind the stunts for the new movie. Lead stunt coordinator Lee Morrison revealed they have been working on the toughest chase scene ever to feature in a Bond film.

The chase is set in Norway, with Morrison telling the publication: “These sequences are story-driven.”

He called this scene, which stars the new Land Rover Defender, “pivotal” to the narrative of No Time To Die.

Of course, car fanatics and Bond aficionados will be most excited about the return of the Aston Martin DB5.

And there’s more than meets the eye to the iconic 007 vehicle used in Craig’s upcoming fifth film.


While only one appears in the movie, they actually had to use eight specially customised DB5s in total.

The cars were contrasted by Aston Martin with the help of Bond’s special effects supervisor Chris Corbould and car specialist Neil Layton.

While they appear identical, weaving seamlessly into shots as the same vehicle, they are in fact each bespoke.

The publication revealed one which was used for a collision is equipped with a metal bar to reinforce the side, while another boasts trick suspension to help with stairs and jumps.

Each DB5 is also fitted with expertly configured camera-mounting points.

One of the cars is also fitted with a pod on top from which the stunt driver can control things while Craig sits in the driver’s seat to act out the scene, making for a more realistic impression of 007 actually executing the dazzling moves.

The driver who’s really taking the wheel for No Time To Die is rally champion Mark Higgins, who has been on board since 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

In the interview with GQ, Higgins revealed the pressure to deliver precision and accuracy in every take.

“I might be doing my little handbrake number up here, but somebody else is doing a big pipe ramp stunt behind me and if I make a mess of my handbrake, then that’s a £20,000 shot that’s potentially gone down the drain.

“Everyone has to do their bit,” he added. “Especially when you’re writing cars off or blowing them up. And it’s dangerous.”


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Elsewhere, Craig previously spoke out about being forbidden from doing the actual stunt driving in No Time To Die.

“You know we fake it, don’t you?” he told Top Gear Magazine.

“We’re not allowed to do that anymore, although I do go driving.”

There was one move he was permitted to do in the place of Higgins, however.

“I was allowed to donut in the DB5 in Matera, which was great,” he spilled.

Craig will bow out as 007 after the release of No Time To Die.

His reign in the title role has been extended, however, by seven months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this month, Bond bosses announced they were delaying the movie’s release until November after “thorough evaluation of the the global theatrical marketplace”.

No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas November 12.

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