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Being one of the biggest franchises in the world, it’s unsurprising that James Bond, like Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel, have very secretive film sets to protect the plot of their latest outing being leaked. Daniel Craig’s latest outing No Time To Die has been delayed until November due to the pandemic and is a direct sequel to the last film in the series Spectre. Now one of the 2015 film’s actors has revealed just what it’s like to be on a secretive 007 set.

Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk to promote his new movie The Host, Nigel Barber played Head of US Nation (aka the US President) in Spectre’s Nine Eyes voting scene opposite Andrew Scott’s C – an agent of Blofeld’s in disguise.

On the secretive nature of working on a Bond film, the actor revealed: “They’re very controlled environments.

“You weren’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything.

“You were either in your trailer, which was outside the shooting area, [or on set].”

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And now Barber stars as DEA agent Herbert Summers in new Hitchcockian thriller The Host, alongside Derek Jacobi. Producer Zachary Weckstein wrote the part specifically for him, one that he loved portraying.

On preparing for the role he said of his character: “He was CIA, he’s at the end of his career and this case is almost his swansong…on the other side he’s a sort of an uncle to one of the characters.”

To explain any further would be going into spoilers, but he added: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time on The Host and think it’s one of those films that’s going to start growing and growing.

Check out the plot synopsis for The Host and on-demand viewing links below.

The Host’s synopsis reads: “Robert Atkinson is sick and tired of his everyday grind as a London banker.

“Hopeful for a better life, he takes a risk with the bank’s money that eventually leads him down a rabbit hole into a world he could not have imagined and one he definitely isn’t prepared for… With nowhere to run, Robert signs up for a trip where, as if by fate, discovers he’s a pawn for a beautiful woman with shady secrets of her own.

“Fuelled by power players, seduction and violence, Robert falls into a deadly game of choice and consequence.”

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