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Day said: “We had fun. He’s a marvellous actor. He’s very real when he talks to you. He’s so funny and so nice, I just love him. Even though he broke two of my ribs. Jim, if we don’t speak for a while, I forgive you for breaking my ribs. Both of them. Don’t give it another thought.”

Garner was devastated when he realised how badly he had hurt Day during a comedy scene where they tussle, especially because the actress didn’t tell him.

Shooting subsequent scenes, he felt heavy bandages under her costume and discovered he had cracked two of her ribs when he grabbed her the day before.

It was typical of Day that she had not made a fuss and had immediately returned to work, even though she later confessed in her official 1976 biography Her Own Story that it was difficult to breathe and excruciating to laugh.

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