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Jaws 2 is the follow up to Jaws no one knew they wanted. The film is one of the best-performing sequels of all time and even held the record for the highest-grossing sequel until it was overtaken by Rocky 2 in 1979. Many from the cast of the first film rejoined the second movie and some characters became very well known.

Who is in the cast of Jaws 2?

Jaws 2 has a huge cast, compared to the small number of roles in the first film.

Steven Spielberg’s original movie only had nine roles in it, with Roy Schneider as Chief Martin Brody, Lorraine Gary as his wife, Ellen, Murray Hamilton as Mayor Larry Vaughn and Jeffrey Kramer as Deputy Hendricks.

All four of these characters returned for the second film, while the most famous actor of the group, Richard Dreyfuss, did not return as Matt Hooper, despite being mentioned in the movie.

In Jaws 2, these actors were supplemented by around 25 more roles, making this sequel a far more epic, blockbuster-inflected movie than the first.

Joseph Mascolo played Ellen’s boss Len Peterson, Mark Gruner played Ellen and Martin’s son, Mike, while Mike Gilpin played Sean, their younger son.

Donna Wilkes played the role of Jackie Peters, Mike’s love interest.

However, one character seemed to strike a chord with people – Marge, Sean’s teenage friend.

Her death was particularly spectacular as, when the group is sailing, Sean is in danger, and they try desperately to save him from the shark.

However, it is Marge who is killed, and she is gulped up by the shark in one of the most brutal deaths in film history.

It also reminds fans of Chrissie’s death in Jaws, the first movie, which had a similar sense of dread and fear.

Marge was played by Martha Swatek and Jaws 2 was her only ever film role.

Who directed Jaws 2?

Unlike Jaws, Jaws 2 was directed by Jeannot Szwarc, and was partially written by Carl Gottlieb, who co-wrote all the Jaws movies, as well as starring in the first movie as Harry Meadows.

Szwarc was not the first choice, and John D Hancock helmed the film for some time before he was dismissed after some reported run-ins with the studio.

Instead, Szwarc was hired, as he had far more action experience compared to his theatre director predecessor.

Spielberg chose not to direct the second or any subsequent Jaws films, and instead reunited with Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The first Jaws film was a thoroughly difficult movie to shoot, as Spielberg himself has stated, and also said the only reason he refused to do a sequel was because of the difficulties he was forced to deal with.

One famous difficulty was, their mechanical shark, stopped working at various times, meaning Spielberg’s cast had to use their imaginations.

He told Ain’t It Cool News in 2012: “I was pretty naive about mother nature and the hubris of a filmmaker who thinks he can conquer the elements was foolhardy, but I was too young to know I was being foolhardy when I demanded that we shoot the film in the Atlantic Ocean and not in a North Hollywood tank.

“But had I to do it all over again I would have gone back to the sea because it was the only way for the audience to feel that these three men were cast adrift with a great white shark hunting them.”

Jaws 2 is on ITV 4 at 9pm on April 15

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