Jeremy Corbyn coronavirus: Labour leader refuses to self-isolate despite being 70 | UK | News

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will continue to work and attend Parliament despite coronavirus fears. The outgoing Labour leader is 70 which puts him in a high-risk category of catching COVID-19 which has infected more than 3,000 people in the UK as of Saturday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked all Britons, especially those above 65, to work from home wherever possible.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Mr Corbyn said: “I’m obviously working and I’m local MP as well as leader of the party.

“I’m making sure I’m not getting too close to people which is why I didn’t shake your hand this morning although it’s the normal thing to do.

“Also making sure that everything is kept absolutely clean.

“I think as a whole country we should say thank you to all the cleaners all over the country.”

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Ms Ridge asked: “Should you still be going to Parliament?”

The Labour leader said: “That’s a difficult one and we have discussed this with the speaker and the authorities.

“The compromise we reached last week was firstly, I think Parliament should remain in session.

“It’s very important that we the chance to put questions to the Government and of course this legislation is going to come up on Monday.”

Mr Corbyn replied: “Yes of course because I’ve got to speak there and ask the questions there.”

His comments come as The Home Secretary has hailed NHS staff, police and firefighters as the “glue holding us all together” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In an open letter, Priti Patel said it is clear the country faces its biggest challenge since the Second World War.

Describing the emergency services as “incredible”, she said: “I know that you – our front-line police officers and firefighters – will be the glue holding us all together over the coming weeks and months.

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