Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2020

Jimi Hendrix children: Did Jimi Hendrix have children before he died? | Music | Entertainment

“I was determined that he should be noticed, get a record deal and blow everybody’s mind. I knew it was all there so I went for it.”

After Keith, Hendrix moved on to his most long-term girlfriend, English hairdresser Kathy Etchingham.

She said of the guitarist: “Jimi was very funny, very entertaining.

“I used to take him round to my friend, Brenda, who’d just had a baby. He didn’t have much money and he bought the baby a little toy pony. That was
very sweet.”

However, various biographies have suggested groupies made up a number of Hendrix’s ‘girlfriends,’ suggesting he had quite a number of them in his life.

Despite this, he did not have children with any of these women before his death in 1970.

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