Kate Middleton hair: New hair looks channels 70s curls and lighter colour

Kate got onboard with the current 70s trends with bouffant hair in a big curls. Fans have been commenting on Kate’s hair as she has opted for a new look for winter.

Kate appeared in another video with the drastically lighter hair last week.

Once a dark chestnut blonde, Kate appears to have turned to the bleach for some sunny highlights.

It’s not the first time Kate has lightened her hair

In November last year Kate wowed with a blonder look.

Kate wore a pink jumper and a blue blazer for the video.

Kate Middleton’s necklace added some sparkle to the look. 

The necklace is the work of British jewellery designer Alex Monroe.

The charm necklace is detailed with fossilised nuggets, etched with botanicals, animals and the brand’s synonymous bumblebee.

It can be purchased in a choice of gold or silver and retails at £285.

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