Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge has ring with link to Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara

Kate Middleton is often considered a royal fashion icon with Royal Family enthusiasts watching to see what she wears next. As well as her enviable wardrobe, Prince William‘s wife will usually accessorise with stunning jewellery pieces.

Over the years, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn a mix of jewellery from her personal collection as well as borrowing from the Royal Family.

She has occasionally sported a ruby and diamond jewellery set which includes a pendant, earrings and matching ring.

The pieces in the set could be worth a huge fortune, according to managing director of William May, Nick Withington.

“Kate’s necklace shows off an oval ruby around 10 carat in weight surrounded by diamonds totalling more than 1.5 carat, estimated at £60,000 or more,” Nick told Express.co.uk.

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“Accompanying the necklace is a pair of ruby earrings with rubies of more than eight carat each, surrounded by two rows of diamonds and a single diamond at the top.

“The diamonds look to be around three carat which at the quality would give an estimated value of around £100,000.”

The necklace and earring set could be worth as much as £160,000, the expert suggested.

When the Duchess has worn the look, she has matched the pieces with a subtle ring.


Nick added: “Kate’s ring is a single ruby set in gold. A quality ruby such as this could be worth over £10,000.”

Kate first stepped out in items from the royal collection on her wedding day when she borrowed the Queen’s Cartier Halo tiara.

Even though Kate’s ruby jewellery set does not seem to be from the Queen’s collection, it could give a sweet nod to one of the monarch’s favourite tiaras.

The Burmese tiara is a headpiece that has been worn by the Queen for several engagements.

Just last year, she wore the jewel when meeting with President Donald Trump during his state visit to the UK.

Like Kate’s set, the diadem is made up for diamonds and rubies and the Queen will often accessorise it with matching necklace and earrings.

The expert explained the tiara is seeped in royal history.

Nick continued: “The Queen’s Burmese tiara is undoubtedly one of her most iconic pieces.

“Created in 1973 by Gerrard & Co. the tiara is a beautiful mix of high carat and clarity diamonds and rubies, both of which have an interesting backstory.

“The diamonds, and quite possibly the platinum, in the tiara had been sourced from a previous tiara owned by the Queen.”

The monarch’s ruby set has been given the valuation of as much as £7million by some jewellery experts.

Nick said: “There are a total of 96 rubies set in the form of English roses around the tiara, in line with the original design of the Nizam tiara.

“The rubies themselves were originally a gift from the people of Burma (Modern day Myanmar), the ruby stones were thought to protect the wearer and the number 96 represents 96 ailments that can affect people.

“Put together the 96 rubies provide the wearer with good health and protection from disease.

“The value of the item comes not only from the carat weight, clarity of stones and weight of precious metals, but also from the history of the piece and the heritage that comes with it.

“It has been valued by other jewellers with valuations starting from £7million, although this is mainly speculation and our valuation would remain at priceless.

“The necklace appears to be diamond set, with two rubies at the centre which would match the stones and colours found in the tiara and earrings.”

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