Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge wears £60 dress to speak with new mother

Kate Middleton wore two stunning baby blue outfits to appear in a video posted on the Kensington Palace Instagram account. The mother of three looked absolutely stunning in the video.

It’s the brand’s Aurora Midi Wrap Dress in heron blue, which costs £60. Kate wore the dress in the family’s 2019 Christmas card picture.

She accessorised with dangling earrings, which appeared to be the Patrick Mavros Smoky Quartz Earrings, £600. It’s a brand Kate has worn before.

The video was posted on the Kensington Palace Instagram account, where it has been viewed 3.2million times so far.

It was posted alongside the caption: “The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken with midwives, health visitors, parents and leading sector experts about the challenges and impact that COVID-19 is having on new and expectant mothers and their families.”

Fans praised the video, with one writing: “Kate you are just so beautiful inside and out.”

Another said: “Duchess of Cambridge; zooming without a filter and looking amazing. How lovely of her to be in contact with so many people right now!!”

One wrote: “The Duchess of Cambridge has gone from strength to strength with her work and her role in the RF. So nice to see.”

“She is so warm & lovely. William chose well with this classy lady. Love her sense of humour & her sense of duty & honour,” another said.

One expert has said “Britain is falling in love” with the “natural element” of Kate Middleton amid coronavirus

Aubrey Hanson wrote for US website CCN: “We rarely know what someone is genuinely capable of until adversity strikes.

“During the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown, we’ve seen Kate Middleton step to the fore like never before.”

The expert went on: “She’s always been fantastic, but the way she’s rallied during Britain’s time of need has been something else.

“The natural, human element of Kate Middleton has been there for all to see.”

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