Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2020

Kate Middleton news: Prince William’s wife ‘evolved’ Royal Family with George & Charlotte

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, 38, have three children. Since she joined the family in 2011, Kate has become a popular royal in her own right. The Duchess could have made a huge change to royal tradition through a decision she made with her children.

When it comes to education, most royals will look to attend the same or similar schools.

Although it is not an official tradition, many members of the Royal Family have attended boarding schools.

Members of the family including Prince Charles, Prince Edward and Zara Tindall were all educated away from home at Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland.

Prince William and Prince Harry both attended Eton College, which is an independent boarding school.

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However, Kate decided to make her own decision when picking a school for her children.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are both being educated at Thomas’s Battersea in London.

It is likely she chose the school based on what was the best fit for the young royals Murray Morrison, leading education expert and the founder of, explained.

He told “Princes William and Harry attended Wetherby Prep as children, and this remains an excellent school and would likely have been in the running.


“However, the Cambridges’ chose St Thomas’s Battersea for their children.

“There are a range of other schools that the Royal Family have chosen over recent generations and doubtless the choice has come down to which school offered the best fit for their child.”

When speaking of Kate’s choice of school, the expert said she has helped the family evolve by steering away from tradition.

Murray added: “This suggests that the Royal Family continues to evolve – that they are not hide-bound and simply repeating choices handed down over generations.”

Kate made the decision based on what she thought what was best rather than what has been done before.

He said: “This suggests to me that they are a family like any other, choosing what they felt to be the best option for their children rather than simply doing what their parents did.

“Of course they are fortunate to be able to afford private school fees, which is not an option for many, but they have made their choice by judging which school would be the best environment for their child.”

When deciding what school to pick, Kate probably looked to her own experiences with education.

“They will undoubtedly have strong experiences of their own schooling which will have influenced their decisions,” Murray explained.

“Each school has a distinct culture, whether that’s an emphasis on character, academic performance, sport, creativity or other areas of education.

“As a parent, if you found your education coloured, positively or negatively, by these aspects of your own school, that’s likely to be the strongest factor in your choices for your own children.”

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