Kate Middleton pregnant: Signs Duchess is expecting after new Prince Louis photo

Kate Middleton‘s latest snap of Prince Louis shows him looking so grown up. It was taken by Kate together with other pictures shared in April by Kensington Palace to mark Louis’s second birthday. Will their little boy growing up prompt the Cambridges to conceive again?

Since, Bookmaker Coral told Express.co.uk Prince William and Kate Middleton are odds on to have a fourth baby in the future.

These odds are currently at 1 – 2, royal baby fans will be thrilled to know.

Their youngest son, Prince Louis, was in the news this week after a sweet unseen photo of him celebrating turning two back in April came to light.

Kate, the photographer behind the image, and Prince William sent the sweet picture to royal fans to thank them for their best wishes on his birthday.

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What are the signs she might be expecting?

Signs Kate Middleton is pregnant

A body language expert has previously given Express.co.uk her rundown of the top tips that tell us the Duchess might be with child. What are they?

Disappearance from the royal rota

Judi James said: “The best way to tell when she is pregnant is when she vanishes off the royal circular because she sadly suffers from severe morning sickness, so she does tend to vanish quite quickly.”

Kate has used her style to evolve her status, according to editor of British Style Society Natasha Henson.

The expert suggested her look has continued to change as Kate has taken on more duties.

She explained: “Starting her fashion journey as a university student, Kate’s status has evolved as a fresh new fashion icon.

“Personally, I wouldn’t say Kate’s style has changed dramatically over the years.”

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