Kate Middleton style: Kate returns to a simpler style after Meghan Markle leaves UK

Kate Middleton, 38, joined the Royal Family when she married Prince William in 2011. Since then Kate has been known for her fashionable outfits and designer style. But since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they would be stepping back from their royal duties and titles, The Duchess has now been opting for simple outfits, incorporating denim into her looks and has worn subtler makeup. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, left the UK in November for North America, where she lived in Canada with Prince Harry, 35 and Archie, one. They moved to LA last month as they officially stepped back from royal duties. 

Analysing Kate’s style for Express.co.uk, Lalla Bronshtein, celebrity stylist explained a reason why Kate may have returned to a simpler style. 

Lalla commented: “When Meghan was in the UK, she and Kate wore similar styles – both very elegant.  

“Since Meghan crossed The Atlantic however, Kate has now returned to her trademark, simple, countryside style and this may show that she previously felt conscious of comparisons being drawn between the two women.”

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Kate and William visited NHS staff last month to thank them for the work they have been doing throughout the pandemic.

The Duchess opted for an M&S dusty pink suit whilst on the visit in Croydon. Paired with a simple blouse and pair of muted silver BOSS heels, The Duchess’ hair was parted down the middle with a soft blow dry leaving her hair hanging loose over her shoulders. 

She decided to keep her makeup natural and light, only opting for a soft brush of blusher across her cheeks, along with a nude lipstick. 

Lalla further explained: “Kate’s outfits have now a more relaxed feel to them, although she remains true to her love of mixing high street choices such as Zara and Top Shop with more high end designer pieces. She has also been known for recycling some of her best outfits and often teams them with different accessories, to change the look.”

During her recent Dublin tour last month, Kate was seen in a white Reiss coat that she had previously worn before Meghan joined the Royal Family. 

On another outing, Kate was seen wearing jeans on multiple occasions paired with a casual olive-coloured utility coat from Dubarry of Ireland.

However, due to the coronavirus affecting everyone’s lives, Kate could be opting for a simpler style because of the circumstances. 

Speaking on Kate Middleton’s style for Express.co.uk, fashion stylist Lucas Armitage explained how Kate could be returning to more casual outfit choices simply because the circumstances are affecting her wardrobe.

He said: “Meghan’s departure from Royal life has left a fashion shaped hole in our life only one and woman could fill, yes – all eyes are on Kate.

“We have obsessed over every look the two women have showcased for the last two years and both are formidable fashion forces. The last royal tour saw a healthy competition in the style stakes that pushed the two women to fashion perfection, so it’s no surprise now Meghan has boarded a transatlantic flight the pressure is off Kate. 

“We have definitely seen a more relaxed approach to style from Kate, of course this could be due to the current circumstances effecting her wardrobe choices. It wouldn’t be appropriate to be pushing a fashion forward look whilst a global pandemic is taking place.:

Kate and Prince William have now turned to Skype calls after the government announced a UK lockdown. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen in casual tops including a bold orange jumper and a navy and white striped top. 

On Kate’s outings she has been pictured in blue jeans, sporting her classic Barbour coat with thigh high boots. 

“The waxed Barbour coat that was once a staple is black paired simply with slim blue denim; a classic casual look. We have also seen her love of structured bold boats return which allows the rest of the outfit to remain low key and simplistic.”

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